The story of Milenium Media Print started 7 years ago, when we created our own advertising production shop. The set up of Milenium Media Print was the normal consequence of the positive evolution if its mother company, Milenium Grup. Milenium Grup has as main object of activity the supply and management of outdoor advertising supports of all kinds (backlits. billboards, meshes, unipoles, public transportation advertising, etc.)

Our shop is continuously developing from a technological perspective. One of our priorities is to supplement the production logistic with the newest technologies on a yearly basis.

Our team counts 15 members, out of which 5 are conducting sales, coordination and administrative tasks, and 10 are in charge of production, finishing, installation and delivery activities.


The production logistics comprises 11 main machines:

Hybrid printer HT3200 UV for printing with UV technology on rigid and flexible materials

Flora 3200 inkjet printer, dedicated to large dimension outdoor printing

Inkjet Roland XC (1.3m), AJ (2.6m) and XF (1.6m) printers, destined for high quality printing

Roland cutter-plotter for high precision clipping of sticker

CNC router Zonda Comagrav 2000x3000mm, used to clip according to a given contour rigid materials, printed or not

Flexa 1.6m laminator, used to apply laminating foil on stickers and paper prints

Bodor 1390 laser engraving machine, used to engrave and cut nonmetallic materials (plastic materials, polymers, resins, leather)

Trimmer, used to clip self-adhesive foil, paper, etc.

Various equipment used for processing and finishing

We can’t wait to be of service to you!