The roll-up system is an excellent way to draw attention by the dimensions of the print (85/100/120/150 cm x 200cm), presenting to potential customers information about your product or company. It is made of an aluminum cassette and a polychromic print. The retractable system ensures both the protection of the print and an easy and fast installation. The high portability of the roll-up system makes it ideal for usage in exhibitions, events, presentations, etc.


The pop-up is a presentation wall made of an expandable aluminum structure, spider type, on which personalized panels of printed and laminated stickers are being hanged. This provides a large presentation surface, which is easily and quickly installed.  The advantages of this type of display are large surface, quickness of installation and high portability.
It is destined for exhibitions, presentations, conferences, being the ideal presentation support for a large size advertising message.

The textile pop-up is also a display system, made of an aluminum structure, on which a UV printed textile is installed.


The people stopper is a mobile panel used for signage, made of a brushed aluminum profile. The exterior frames, made also of aluminum, can open and close easily in order to change the print. To protect the visual from dust and water, the product also comprises a PVC sheet. With the help of this product, you can present multiple messages on its two opposite sides. The images can be changed easily, even daily, due to the click frame system. It is used especially for promoting offers in front of the stores or in store.