Using materials like bond and Plexiglas, the lit logos and branding take a large variety of shapes, both indoor and outdoor. They are made of aluminum or PVC profiles, have one or two Plexiglas faces, the backside can be made of PVC, bond or stainless plates.

The lighting system is constructed on the inside of the frame with LED modules. The customizing is achieved with special sticker, which allows for light diffusion evenly.


The cassette type volumetric letters are independent volumetric letters, made of Plexiglas and PVC and lit on the inside with LED modules.


The slim lit cassettes are used for indoor signage in exhibitions, restaurants, beauty salons, clubs, banks, offices, bars, etc.

The slim lit cassettes can have one or two faces, click profiles and reduced thickness. The advantages of this type of display are the easy change of the visual due to the click profile and the strong diffusion of light due to the lighting system being placed on the edges.


The polystyrene volumetric letters can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be painted in any block color. Their main advantage is that they are very lightweight. They can be a cheaper and more practical alternative in certain situations, due to their minimal weight and the ease of installation.


The totems are advertising structures used for signage. They can be lit or non-lit, indoor (for exhibitions/stands) or outdoor (for signaling companies/industrial parks/logistic centers, etc.)
Can be made of metallic, aluminum or Plexiglas structures.