All materials can be printed with either UV technology or inkjet technology.


Mesh-ul is a perforated vinyl net which offers increased resistance with a 70% degree of translucency. Printing on mesh is very resistant and allows for light to pass through, due to its structure. It represents an ideal solution for large dimension prints, which, in this case, are practically weightless as compared to prints made on fabric. Due to its increased resistance to environmental factors (approximately 3 years) and to perforated material, which allows for covering windows, it is ideal for being placed on the facades of the buildings.


The banner is a textile-based material, with a high resistance to tearing, covered with a fine and flexible printable PVC layer. According to is final destination, this can be frontlit (meant for displays which are lit from the front – outdoor/indoor panels), backlit (meant for displays which are lit from the back – lit cassettes and displays) or blockout (which block completely any kind of light source – double faced banners, flags, display systems).


The backlit film is a material with a foil like texture, water resistant and destined to be used indoor. It is used for lit displays and totems.


The blueback is a paper-based material, especially treated on the back side to be stuck and posted outdoors. It is used to decorate billboards and for large dimension posters.

The whiteback is a white paper material, destined to be printed on large formats, which can be used both indoor and outdoor and for large dimension posters.


The sticker is a PVC based material, which behaves excellently outdoors, being very resistant to the action of the environmental factors, such as rain, freeze or UV rays. It can be printed polychromic, with a matte or shiny finish, translucent or reflective. It is destined for outdoor – for car décor, advertising displays, storefronts, and indoor – for labels, hangers, etc.


The window graphic is a perforated self-adhesive material, used for glass surfaces like windows of the public transportation vehicles and storefronts or building windows, as it allows the light to pass through to the inside, while on the exterior the print is visible.


The floor graphic is a self-adhesive foil especially designed for high traffic areas, which, although has a high adherence can also be easily removed. It is destined both for indoor and outdoor uses, as directional signage or for announcing special offers or promotions. It has a high impact on customers, as their attention will be drawn to the location of special offers.


The personalized decorative photo wallpaper is a material printed at high resolution and represents a convenient design solution for those who are looking to customize their indoor spaces. The quality, refinement and uniqueness of the personalized photo wallpaper are a viable alternative in the design of indoor spaces, no matter of their destination (restaurants, hotels, banks, stores, kindergartens). It can be installed just as easy as a regular wallpaper, it can be stapled or seamed.


The canvas is a textile-based material, made of cotton and polyester, created to be printed on machinery that works with solvent based ink or UV ink. Due to its special qualities and the very lively colors that can be obtained, this material is used for paintings, indoor signage, photo reproductions, store décor, etc. We also ensure its framing on a chassis.